Waleed Elballa

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  • Graduate Student

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I have spent 4 years working in solid dosage form manufacturing (tablets and capsules). I am really interested in improving therapeutics efficiency through formulation optimization, and exploring novel drug delivery systems with special interest in oral delivery.


PhD Candidate in Pharmaceutical Chemistry, University of Kansas
B.S. in Pharmacy, University of Khartoum, Sudan
M.S. in Pharmaceutical Product Development, Concordia University, Wisconsin

Selected Publications

Elawni, A., Osman, Z., Abdeen, M., Elballa, W. (2022). Implementation and comparison of different taste making techniques to design and assess dispersible tablet formulations. Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Research.

Elballa, W. & Abdeen, M. (2022). Influence of partially and fully pregelatinized starch on the physical and sustained-release properties of HPMC-based ketoprofen oral matrices. International Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences.